Duplicate software package appears in the CMDB at random
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Duplicate software package appears in the CMDB at random


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IT Management Suite


From time to time the customer find duplicate packages in the CMDB. The package names are normally consistent and the package location can be the same for UNC packages or local packages.


ITMS 7.6 and later


The exact cause is not known but a potential example could be.  

When creating the Software Resource with a Software Package the Management Platform user had to switch task for x reason. Returning to the SMP console to complete the task the software Release creation page fails because the session had timed-out or something happens on IIS server side.


The best practice is to complete the creation of the software resource, package and command line in a single session.

  • Local package: If you encounter this issue it is best to remove the duplicate package, it may be necessary to clean -up the package first (in the case of a local package) as the package will most likely have been synchronized by the Package Servers.
  • UNC packages: Because the package source is the same (for the 2 packages) you have to find the duplicate package and point it to an empty folder. Let it sit on the SMP for a day and this will ensure the duplicate files are removed from the entire Package Server infrastructure.