Location data not automatically associated to computers
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Location data not automatically associated to computers


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Asset Management Solution


How do you automatically associate Asset locations to computers?


This is not a function that performs out of the box.


To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. In the console, go under Manage > Jobs and Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB.
  2. Click on Update Network Resource Location.
  3. Click Select filters under Include filters and set All Computers.
  4. If there are any computers you want excluded, use the select filters under the exclude filters section.
  5. Click New Schedule. Schedule this to run on an interval, such as daily or weekly.
  6. Click Save changes.
  7. Now click on the task below it named Update Organizational Hierarchy.
  8. Right of the option Update Organizational Hierarchies, click on the hyperlink (by default it will be named Non selected).
  9. Select Assets by Location on the left side and click the > (single arrow) button. This should move Assets by Location to the right side.
  10. Click Save changes (schedule should already be set to daily. If not, add the schedule).