migrate reports from DEV to PROD
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migrate reports from DEV to PROD


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


How to Import/Export Jaspersoft reports 

If we create reports in our dev environment (approximately 250 reports) can we export those reports to our production environment without having to "recreate" them in the production Jasper system?


Spectrum and JasperSoft


Jaspersoft does allow for Export and Import of reports. The Jaspersoft Community pages have a very good write-up on several methods.

- Import/Export using Web GUI

- Import/Export using Command Line

- Import/Export using scripts

Rather than outline all of the steps for each method here, We would suggest visiting the Jaspersoft Community pages to view the write-up. Be sure to have a valid login for the Jaspersoft Community pages (it's free to sign up).

The import and export tools enable you to move resources into and out of the JasperReports Server repository. These tools can back up the entire contents of repository, selected organizations, selected folders, or specific resources. These utilities also handle scheduled jobs, users, and roles that the server stores internally. Import and export can be helpful when migrating between versions of JasperReports Server, when managing organizations, or when moving between test and production environments.

JasperReports Server provides both a user interface and command-line utilities to perform import and export. The functionality in the UI is available only to administrators (superuser and jasperadmin) and the command-line utilities require access to the file system where the server is installed.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  Import and Export Catalogs

  Import and Export Through the Web UI

  Import and Export Through the Command Line

  Alternate Import-Export Scripts


Additional Information

Reference "Import and Export" for more information.