Credential Issues in Symantec VIP
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Credential Issues in Symantec VIP


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VIP Service


This document offers links to VIP Credential management, issues, release notes and other references.



General Credential Info

What if my VIP Credential ID is compromised?
Description of token or credential status.
Credential is not changing to Locked state even after multiple consecutive validation failures.
How to change Maximum Validation Failures Setting for VIP desktop.
Transfer Credential ID from one device to another
Invalid credential ID, Blank Security code, or will not launch with VIP Access for Desktop
PII Collection for VIP Access App

VIP Access Desktop

Title Applicable Versions
How to download VIP Access Desktop All Versions
Invalid credential ID, Blank Security code, or will not launch with VIP Access for Desktop All Versions
How to enable and disable debug logs for Symantec VIP Access Desktop All Versions
What connections are required to activate VIP Access for Desktop? All Versions
Will the VIP Access Desktop Credential ID change when upgrading to Windows 10? All Versions
Error: 1720 "There is a problem with this Window Installer package." when installing VIP Access All Versions
VIP Access Desktop - How do you move the VIP Access Desktop Application over to a new computer All Versions
VIP Access Desktop and roaming profiles All Versions
How to reset VIP Access Desktop? All Versions
VIP Access Desktop silent install All Versions
How to provision a new credential with VIP Access in MAC if the old credential cannot be reset All Versions
VIP Access Desktop | Activation failed Error 0x10 All Versions
VIP Access for Desktop 1.0.3 for MAC does not launch on mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) All Versions
How to install VIP Access on Mac OS X 10.5 or higher All Versions
VIP Access desktop will not launch All Versions

VIP Access Mobile

Title Platform
VIP Access for Mobile application data usage All Platforms
VIP Access iOS appears to track users with location services iOS 8x
VIP on iOS 5 steps user needs to take before OS upgrade to retain their current token iOS 5x
VIP Access for iPad does not validate security code after upgrading from iOS 6.x to iOS 7 iOS 6x, 7x
Symantec Identity Protection (VIP) security codes are not generated after syncing to a new iPhone All iOS
VIP Access for Mobile crashes on iOS 5 based Apple devices iOS 5x
Security code from the VIP Access app on Android device fails when used for 2FA login All iOS
3001 error after upgrading VIP Access app on Android All iOS
VIP Access 4.0.0 for Android | Error 3001 when launching application after upgrading All Android OS
Push not working on Android device - 6010 error All Android OS
VIP Access Mobile - Error 4002 All Platforms
Supported Blackberry phone models - Enterprise Edition Blackberry Platform
VIP Access PUSH support for Windows Mobile OS Windows Platform

Hard Tokens

Title Applicable Versions
Unable to activate VIP Security Card All Versions
Security Cards weather and climate tolerance All Versions
How to replace a Symantec Identity Protection (VIP) Security Token or Card ordered from VIP ID Protection Center? All Versions
VIP credential warranty information All Versions
FAQ’s for settings HOTP times based credentials All Versions

SMS / Voice Credentials

Title Applicable Versions
After enabling SMS (Text Messages) and Voice Calls option, the temporary codes are not being received. All Versions
What character sets are supported for Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service SMS OTP? All Versions
What is the Phone number format for International and Domestic Numbers All Versions
Add a user group with SMS Credentials in VIP Manager All Versions
Error=4e16 The phone number has not been previously registered for this account All Versions

Registered Computer

Title Applicable Versions
Firefox displays an Unknown Issuer dialog box when installing the Registered Computer credential. All Versions
Registered Computer credential stops working without warning on cloned images. All Versions
Users with existing Registered Computer 1.12 credentials will not automatically be upgraded to 1.16 through the Self Service Portal. All Versions
Firefox browser displays an additional prompt when installing the Registered Computer credential. All Versions
An administrator resetting a Windows Domain password may require a user to re-register a Registered Computer credential. All Versions
The Registered Computer credential experiences performance issues when a browser debug console is open. All Versions
Users with older versions of Firefox will be prompted to upgrade to Registered Computer 1.16, but will be unable to complete the upgrade. All Versions
Registered Computer is unable to access the VIP Web Service endpoints. All Versions
Does a unique RC Plugin installs for every user logins on the same computer ? All Versions
Registered Computer credential fails to install if system clock time differs from VIP Services time by more than 30 seconds. All Versions

Intelligent Authentication

Title Applicable Versions
IA JavaScript in Netscaler All Versions
Symantec Authentication Client Plugin uninstaller may cause issues if run while browsers are open All Versions