VIP Integration Issues references
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VIP Integration Issues references


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VIP Service


This document offers links for issues with 3rd party integrations.


VIP Integrations



Microsoft Credential Provider (MCP)

Title Article ID Applicable Versions
Installation of MS Credential Provider does not go further when asked to select Configuration File TECH237699 All Versions
Microsoft Credential Provider Plug-in - Cannot browse to configuration file TECH26555 All Versions
MCP Security code login box does not receive focus when it comes up TECH28845 All Versions
VIP EG Compatibility with Windows Credential Provider for Windows 2008 R2 TECH237856 All Versions
Second factor login to MS GINA fails TECH238268 All Versions
OTP is not prompting to shared folder TECH20958 All Versions
User cannot log in using @ format with Symantec VIP Credential Provider plugin TECH28444 All Versions
Determining the version of Symantec VIP Credential Provider TECH237717 All Versions

Outlook Web Access

Title Article ID Applicable Versions
Failed to Authenticate after Microsoft Exchange upgrade to 2013 TECH232619 All Versions
How to prevent VIP OWA Users from getting access to OWA without correct Security Code TECH22013 All Versions
OWA with VIP WS Integration - OTP Field is not showing on the Login Page TECH237850 All Versions
OWA is not sending the SMS messages TECH238028 All Versions
How to get OWA integration guide for VIP TECH237887 All Versions
OWA 2010 allows login with incorrect or blank security code TECH237555 All Versions


Title Article ID Applicable Versions
VIP Push Timeout with Cicso ASA TECH236899 All Versions
Cisco ASA not able to validate CRL signature from Symantec Class 3 SSP Intermediate CA - G2 CA TECH237735 All Versions
Cisco SA 500 and Cisco SA 520 series Integration guides for VIP TECH237612 All Versions
How to configure Cisco ASA 5500 for Radius to LDAP Mapping TECH238230 All Versions


Title Article ID Applicable Versions
How to upgrade VIP | Microsoft ADFS Two-factor authentication plugin TECH28871 All Versions
VIP does not validate when ADFS java script is enabled TECH237712 All Versions
VIP ADFS / Plug in Module not requesting OTP validation TECH21914 All Versions


Title Article ID Applicable Versions
Citrix Netscaler integration code not showing correct information on login page TECH27976 All Versions
Correcting the Behavior of the Password and the Passcode Fields on the Citrix Receiver Log-on Window TECH237571 All Versions
Push not working for Netscaler Integration TECH236732 All Versions


Title Article ID Applicable Versions
Does VIP Pluggable Authentication Modules support Van Dyke SSH TECH238380 All Versions
What are the Authentication or Validation Modes available with Symantec VIP and Checkpoint VPN integration TECH237962 All Versions
Palo Alto VPN not doing 2FA with VIP 9.7 TECH233821 9.7
How to activate a Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service Token / PayPal Security Key TECH238582 All Versions
Unable to use the VIP IIS Integration with OpenLDAP TECH239550 All Versions
How can I contact eBay support for my VIP security key TECH238023 All Versions
VIP Integration cannot get password attribute TECH237295 All Versions
IIS8 integration | all credentials allowed access TECH24177 All Versions
Can Microsoft Team Desktop App use remembered device without the plugin TECH237823 All Versions
How to renew a RSA GoID certificate TECH238147 All Versions
RSA token transition failes due to 8 chars on VIP EG 9.0 TECH19268 9.0

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