Types of VIP credentials and credential/token prefix guide
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Types of VIP credentials and credential/token prefix guide


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VIP Service


VIP credential/token types and prefixes. 


VIP-compatible HOTP\TOTP hard tokens will be imprinted with the Symantec logo unless your organization uses custom hard tokens imprinted with your company logo. Credential IDs specific to a particular organization may not be listed here.

Hard tokens for FIDO\FIDO2 passwordless authentication don't require the Symantec logo imprint. 

VIP soft tokens can be downloaded here. This link can also be used to test a token. 


Credential ID Static Prefix Description Hard/Soft Token? Time/Event-Based? Image
SYMC, VSMT VIP Access Mobile** (no TrustZone) Credential Soft Time  
SYMZ, VSTZ VIP Access Mobile** (with Trustzone) Credential Soft Time
SYDC, VSST VIP Access Desktop** (without hardware module) Credential. Download latest here Soft Time
SYHM, VSHM VIP Access Desktop** (with hardware Module) Credential for machines with active Intel IPT Hard Time
SYTD, SYTU, SYSC Trusted Devices (formerly Remembered Computer) installs after Sept 2016 Soft Time  
AVT Active Identity* Token, 3/4 circle-shaped, waterproof Hard Time
VSJM VIP Access for Mobile (Japan) mobile credential Soft Time  
UBHE Yubikey OATH VIP Token with Symantec credential Hard Event  
Credential ID contains only numbers RSA GOID* Token. Expiration date printed on the device. Hard Time
FT11, NSEU, NSES, NCHE, DZHE GATE, STEA, ABHE, GAAE, GAAT, GACE, GAIE, GALE, STEA Credit card form factor token.* Hard Event  
VSTW Trusted Devices credential (formerly Remembered Devices) for installs before Sept 2016 Soft Time  
FT10 Micro USB FIDO or HOTP VIP Token, Compatible with offline authentication integrations. Hard Event
FT12 Large USB Token. Compatible with offline authentication integrations. Hard Event
FT20, FT30 Stadium-shaped keychain Hard Time
DP03, DP07 Vasco key fob token Hard Event
VSDI Device Fingerprint Soft Time  
VSCR OCRA Token Hard    
SYFD FIDO2 Token, passwordless auth Soft  

* Hardware tokens can be purchased from Broadcom distributors and Amazon.com (For bulk sales, please contact your sales representative).
** Download VIP Access  here: https://vip.symantec.com
NOTE: The 8 characters following the 4-digit static prefix may include alphanumeric values 

The VIP Access Toolbar token is no longer available or supported.