'Package Server is not found for package with Guid <Guid>' when deploying an image
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'Package Server is not found for package with Guid <Guid>' when deploying an image


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Deployment Solution


Customer is attempting to deploy an image and can't because a package server that contains the package with {GUID.EN_US} is not found when GetNearestPackageServerInfo is executed.

47e4-8c05-4986c413a30f</packageGuid></GetNearestPackageServerInfo></request>[2017/03/02 11:42:43.852 1436:1952 2] Function Name is util::CSMPPackage::getNearestPackageInfoXML(),file name is
common\util\SMPPackage.cpp and Line no 331. Response of getNearestPackageInfoXML =<Response><PackageServers><PackageServerFound>false</PackageServerFound></PackageServers></Response>


S 7.5 to 8.0


Image package is not on the package server that the client is attempting to access



1) Open SMP console
2) Select 'Settings > All Settings'
3) Under 'Settings' on the left side of the console open the folder structure 'Deployment > Disk Images'
4) Click on the Image that is not available on the package server
5) Click on 'Package Servers' tab
6) Ensure that 'Assign Package Servers' is properly set.  E.g.  It is common for the package to be assigned to an individual package server and the package server in the site isn't listed.  Simply select the package server and the package will now be downloaded to the package server.