Ghost question 1873 regarding MBR and UEFI conversion
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Ghost question 1873 regarding MBR and UEFI conversion


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost solution suite restoring an image take from a BIOS or UEFI and restored to the opposite hardware. 

There isn't an error but a question will be displayed as following. 

Question (1873) 
The source is MBR and was captured on a BIOS system. the destination system appears to be UEFI, Convert Destination disk to GPT?

Yes     No


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x 


This will be displayed when the Ghost image being deployed is detected as being created on a BIOS or Legacy computer and is detected as now being deployed to a UEFI system.    


Generally if you are deploying a BIOS based image to a UEFI system it is appropriate to convert the image.    

To suppress this question and not convert the image to UEFI the addition of the -FMBR command line switch can be added to the ghost command line to not convert this image. 


Additional information on the ghost command line switches can be found at the following kb