Unable to Clear "Not Clearable" Alerts
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Unable to Clear "Not Clearable" Alerts


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Some alarms are configured to be Non User Clearable. For these Alarms, Spectrum expects a Clear event to occur in order to clear the alarm. In some cases, Spectrum may miss the Clear event from the device (perhaps due to a Server outage, or a network issue that prevented the clear event from hitting Spectrum) and these non User Clearable alarms stagnate in Spectrum and can be a nuisance cluttering up the Alarm table view. 

I have several old alarms in Spectrum tool that need to be cleared out. Many of them are listed as "Not Clearable", how do I remove those from Spectrum? 


Platform Independent


on Non-User Clerable alarms, Spectrum is expecting a clear event to clear the alarm. If the clear event did not occur, then the alarm may linger. In order to clear it, Spectrum will still need a Clear event to occur. As the device may not be able to send it, you can manually send the Clear Event using Spectrum CLI. 


There are first two bits of information you need. 


1. The Clear Event code

2. The Device Model Handle


All of the OutOfBox event files are located in <SPECROOT>/SS/CsVendor. Anything that has been modified would be located in <SPECROOT>/custom/Events. For this example, we're looking in CsVendor. 


If you have a good file search program (a nice program to use a freeware called "Agent Ransack", but its your preference) you can search the CsVendor directory for the detail. 


For example, lets say you have a lingering "PORT HAS STOPPED RESPONDING TO POLLS" - which is Event Code 0x0010D66. If searched in CsVendor you will find it in an EventDisp file, and looking in that file, it shows up like this 


0x00010d66 E 50 A {v 1},0x00010d66 

0x00010d67 E 50 C 0x00010d66 


The "C" preceding 0x00010d66 indicates the event code prior to the "C" is the event which "Clears" 0x00010d66 - which in this case would be event 0x00010d67. 


To get the model handle, you can view the Attributes tab of the device showing the alarm, and search for "model_handle". Double click the attribute so its value shows on the right. Make note of the model handle.


Next step is to log into VNM CLI:

- using a Bash shell, nav to <SPECROOT>/vnmsh

- run ./connect


So, now we have the Clear Event code and the model handle, the ./Create Event command would look like this 

./create event type=0x00010d67 text=ALARM_CLEAR mh=<Model_Handle value> 


The alarm should now be cleared.