How to convert Protection Engine 7.8 and newer .LOG files to human readable format
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How to convert Protection Engine 7.8 and newer .LOG files to human readable format


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This article contains the instructions on how to view .LOG files and convert them into human readable format (CSV, HTML, or generic) for Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) versions 7.8 and newer.


SPE 9.x, 8.x,or 7.8


The logconverter utility included with Protection Engine can convert the .LOG files into human readable format. It is located in <install dir> on Windows and <install dir>/bin on Linux. <install dir> is the following by default depending on the Operating System:

  • Linux: /opt/SYMCScan/bin/
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine


logconverter must be run from the bash shell on Linux or the cmd prompt on Windows.



logconverter -[c|h] [Path/To/.LOG/file]

Flag Options

c - Output will be in CSV format
h - Output will be in HTML format

Specify up to one flag option. Without a flag, logconverter will output generic human readable text. Output can be saved to a file by redirecting the output to a file.


Example - Linux HTML:

./logconverter -h ../log/SSE20230531.log > log.html

Example - Windows CSV:

.\logconverter.exe -c log\SSE20230601.log > log.csv

Example - Windows Generic:

.\logconverter.exe log\SSE20230602.log > log.txt


Additional Information

Legacy version? 

The logconverter.exe also works on SPE legacy version 7.5. However, SPE 7.5 on Windows is installed to the following default installation location:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Scan Engine\