Server is constantly scanning
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Server is constantly scanning


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Symantec Products


Full system scans are taking extended periods to complete and using a lot of system resources with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition cloud (SEP SBE cloud) agent installed. 


This is usually caused by not having developer recommended file and folder exclusions in place for resource intensive software, like a database.


A server scan can be aborted using the following steps:

  1. Type SMC -stop in run and wait for the command prompt window to disappear 
  2. Open the SEP SBE agent and click on View History to verify the current scan is listed as aborted 
  3. Type SMC -start in run to restart the SEP SBE cloud agent

Once the scan has been aborted the following steps are recommended 

  • Resource intensive software should be reviewed and exclusions created to reduce resource usage during scans
  • Full system scans should be scheduled to start at an earlier time to prevent interference during business hours