Configure SSL and FQDN for Service Desk


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To configure SSL and FQDN for Service Desk. We can apply these two tecdocs, but need additional changes.

Configuring SSL for Tomcat with CA Service Desk Manager

Configure Service Desk Manager to use FQDN or Alias


After implementing the above two tecdocs, attachment or export may not working.

What are the required changes for these features ?


Service Desk 12.9 , 14.1 & 17Windows 2008 & Windows 2012


1/ Requirement for SSL

The above tech docs discuss the definition of certificate. After done, we need to change all variables pointing to http by https and change port 8080 to port 8443


2/ Requirement for attachment

Attachment try first to use the definition done in this screen shot


If it is blank as this screen shot, it will use the UploadServlet on this location


Because we want users use FQDN, make sure this variable is defined with the FQDN

3/ Requirement for export

Export call the servlet pointed by NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL , this variable has to be turned to FQDN



If attachment is working and not export, we may have the good definition of the UploadServlet in the server's config, but not in the NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL

Additional Information

pdm_configure do not modify all URL

- You may have to modify NX_LOCAL_SERVLET_SERVER_URL