When trying to add anything to any type of an association within a software component, the page times out
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When trying to add anything to any type of an association within a software component, the page times out


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Software Management Solution


When going to the Associations tab when editing a Software Component, when you choose any type and click add to any of the resulting frames, the pop up window remains white for about 10 minutes before the generic error appears. In the logs it throws a timeout error.

HTTP Request failed:
Request timed out.


This is caused by the time it takes to run through localization for the console and list of software components, compounded by how many security groups have been created for console use.


This issue was stated as fixed in 8.0, however we have seen instances of the issue in later builds. If you are using a build later than 8.0 GA, the below fix also applies.

For a temporary fix, we have removed the function to localize (use other languages besides English) the content of the window, and removed the call to scope the results based on security set on Software Components. In most cases full functionality is still present.

To apply the fix, follow the steps below the provided query.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spSMF_GetScopeMembersLocalizedNoPatch]  
       @scopeCollectionGuid uniqueidentifier,  
       @trusteeMembership nvarchar(max),  
       @includeChildren bit = 1,  
       @culture varchar(10) = 'en-US'  
     CREATE TABLE #validResources ([ResourceGuid] uniqueidentifier PRIMARY KEY)  
     INSERT INTO #validResources   
      FROM ItemResourceType IR  
      INNER JOIN ResourceType RT ON RT.Guid = IR.ResourceTypeGuid  
      WHERE RT.ClassGuid NOT IN ('395AF97C-09DE-435f-96FF-C386F2B38FB2', '043EDFB8-6A1D-4699-9EE8-BA9CCCBDE442', '9B0E3088-FF66-4114-ABC7-C748E58F9CAD')  
      --AND ir.Guid in (SELECT * FROM dbo.fnGetTrusteeScopedResourcesByScope(@trusteeMembership, @scopeCollectionGuid, @includeChildren) R)
     DECLARE @cultures AS TABLE ([Culture] varchar(10), [Priority] int)  
     INSERT INTO @cultures SELECT * FROM dbo.fnGetBaseCultures(@culture)  
       v.ResourceGuid AS [ItemGuid],         
       c.Name AS [Name],  
       c.Description AS [Description]  
     #validResources V
     JOIN vRM_Software_Component_Item c on c.Guid = v.ResourceGuid

     DROP TABLE #validResources  

  1. Copy the above query to SQL Enterprise Manager query window, targeting the Symantec_CMDB database.
  2. Execute the update to the Stored Procedure.

When completed, the window should load in about 10 seconds, give or take (depending on the environment).