Are Details Kept for Future Reference When a User Accepts the Terms of Service When Registering on the API Portal? Can I Force a User to Accept the EULA Again If Changed?


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Users of the CA API Developer Portal ("Portal") are shown a End User License Agreement (EULA) / Terms of Service when registering on the Portal.

Can I retrieve details such as dates and times of when a user registers and accepts the EULA shown at registration time? And can I possibly force users to re-accept the EULA if terms change in the EULA at a future date?


All versions of Portal.


As of the last modified date on this article (latest version of Portal at this time is currently 4.1), there is no way to retrieve the details of when a user accepts the EULA, nor is there a way to force the EULA to show up again if terms are changed in the future.

This is a feature request for this behaviour though, which can be voted on in the CA API Management Community:

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