Error: "Error 18870 / VSAuthOTPFirstFactorLDAPImpl._validatePassword() -- Incorrect static password."
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Error: "Error 18870 / VSAuthOTPFirstFactorLDAPImpl._validatePassword() -- Incorrect static password."


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VIP Enterprise Gateway


First-factor validation fails

ValidationEngine 0 18870 "text=Error 18870 occurred at VSAuthOTPFirstFactorImpl.c:293. Description: VSAuthOTPFirstFactorLDAPImpl._validatePassword() -- Incorrect static password., user=XXXXXX, op=authenticate, bizCont=off" Thread-5644 VSValidationEngine.c


This error can occur if one of the following is true:

  • The RADIUS shared secret configured on the validation server is incorrect
  • The LDAP password or Access PIN provided is incorrect
  • The Validation Server Mode is not supported.


Check all of the following:

  • Confirm that the RADIUS shared-secret between the VPN appliance and the VIP EG validation server matches.
    (Note:  The shared secret is case sensitive. It may also not allow certain special characters (see the integration guide).
    To set the shared secret on the validation server, perform the following steps:
    • Go to the configuration console
    • Click Validation tab
    • From the list, find the corresponding validation server and click Edit
    • Under RADIUS Shared Secret, enter the matching shared secret from the client
    • Click Submit and save the configuration. 
    • Restart the validation server.
  • Confirm that the correct LDAP or Access PIN (depending on the validation mode being used) is being used. Use the TEST USER in the settings to confirm this.
  • Confirm that the Validation Server authentication mode is supported. Refer to the VIP EG integration guide for the particular manufacturer. 
  • Confirm that the timeout value is not set excessively high, beyond the timeout value of the integration.