How to upgrade from Symantec VIP 9.3.3 or earlier to the latest version
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How to upgrade from Symantec VIP 9.3.3 or earlier to the latest version


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VIP Enterprise Gateway



NOTE: When upgrading from Symantec VIP 9.3.3 (or later), please refer to the Upgrading to VIP Enterprise Gateway Version 9.x section of the VIP Installation and Configuration Guide, available for download from VIP Manager.

It is recommended that these steps are performed during a maintenance period to minimize downtime.


  1. Download the VIP Certificate from VIP Manager ( > Account > Manage VIP Certificates)
  2. Download the latest VIP EG from VIP Manager ( > Account > Download Files > Enterprise_Gateway_x)
  3. Create a backup of the server. If that is not possible, backup the current VIP EG settings by logging into the VIP EG Console and recording each setting. Take screen shots if necessary.
  4. If you have SSL enabled for any EG service (VIP Self Service Portal, VIP Manager, and/or VIP Console), retain the private key of each SSL certificate for use on the new EG server installation. If it cannot be located, consult your SSL certificate provider for installing a new SSL certificate on the new EG server installation (Refer to Configuring SSL Certificates in VIP Enterprise Gateway and Trusted CA Certificates in the VIP Enterprise Gateway Install And Config Guide, available for download from VIP Manager.
  5. Stop the LDAP Sync service.
  6. Uninstall VIP EG from the control panel.
  7. Restart the server. Remove any remaining files (if any) from the VIP EG installation folder (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\)


New VIP Enterprise Gateway Installation

  1. Unzip the file downloaded from Step 2, and run Setup.exe with the proper administrator rights. (See Installing VIP Enterprise Gateway in the VIP Enterprise Gateway Install And Config Guide, available for download through VIP Manager)
  2. After the server has restarted, log into the VIP EG Console.
  3. Configure each setting in the guide using the same settings backed up in Step 3.
  4. Check/test userstore/VIP admin configuration/Console authentication
  5. Run a few test validations to verify a successful installation and configuration
  6. Log into the SSP / VIP manager.
  7. Add some test users in LDAP for LDAP sync testing, then enable and force an LDAP Sync
  8. Check for the test users, as well as current users, in VIP manager.
  9. (optional) Once configured, create a backup of the current EG Console settings by using "Exporting Configuration Settings" of attached VIPEG9xInstallAndConfig.pdf"