Unable to Export Subnets from the Notification Server
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Unable to Export Subnets from the Notification Server


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IT Management Suite


Unable to export the subnet information from the Notification Server to a new Server with a different version of IT Management Suite

"The item you have selected cannot be imported because it creates a circular folder reference"



Upgrading the Notification Server without a migration or import of the IT Management Suite database:
Symantec Management Platform 7.6 HF4 on a 2008 R2 Server

upgrading to:
Symantec Management Platform 8.0 HF5 on a 2012 Server





Note: See DOC9443 "IT Management Suite 8.0 HF4 Data Migration" for other examples of how to migrate data to a different server.

  1. From the old NS browse to Settings/Notification Server/Hierarchy and Replication/Replication/Items/New replication rule

  2. In the right pane under the “Replicate” section click on  “None Selected” for items

  3. From the Select Items windows under “group” type “subnet” into the search bar

  4. Add the subnet items to the Selected items category pane

  5. Click on “OK”

  6. Under destination click on “Specified Notification Servers“

  7. Add the new NS by clicking on the + sign and click "OK"

  8. Select Specified Credentials and provide the credentials used to access the new Notification Server

  9. Under "Schedule" set the date and time to run the replication rule

  10. Make sure the rule is "On" in the upper right corner

  11. Save changes