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User unable to logon


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It could happen that an analyst, correctly authenticated internally and connected to Service Desk via SSO, when tries to connect to Service Desk externally (SSO not implemented in this case), cannot complete the operation as the credentials provided, the same used to connect to the machine, are refused.


1. Primary server in intranet

2. Secondary server in intranet; user connects to Service Desk on this server via IIS SSO

3. Secondary server in internet; user connects to Service Desk on this server via Service Desk login page

4. Authentication done via AD (LDAP)

5. Credentials used for connection at point 2. and at point 3. are the same 

What is a possible cause of this problem?

The credentials provided in the Service Desk login page (external connection) are the same used to connect to the machine and are the same used by SSO to connect to Service Desk internally.


CA service Desk Manager 14.1


A possible cause of this problem could be the complexity of the password used.


Try an attempt using a password as much simple as possible, considering the restrictions usually in place for the passwords.