Veriato 360 (formally Spector 360) is detected as spyware
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Veriato 360 (formally Spector 360) is detected as spyware


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Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition cloud (SEP SBE) is detecting Veriato 360 (formally Spector 360) as spyware despite creating exclusions for all files.


SEP SBE cloud is working as designed. Symantec will not whitelist this signature as illegitimate programs could be written to exploit the whitelist of that signature.


First, configure appropriate exclusions using the following two articles provided by Veriato support. These exclusions are for Veriato 360 and Veriato Recon software.


Exclude the Servers from Scanning

Exclude the Recorder from Scanning


If the exclusions did not resolve the issue, continue with the following steps.


  1. Show the SEP SBE cloud Administrative Interface by running these three commands in command prompt

    cd c:\
    cd \program files\Symantec.Cloud\AntiVirus
    avagent -SHOW_UI
  2. With the SEP SBE Administrative Interface open select Settings > Antivirus > Scans and Risks > Configure "Signatures to Exclude from All Detections" > Add > Select the corresponding signature from the list of signatures, example: "Spyware.Spector" > Add > OK

These steps will need to be completed on each system that runs Veriato 360 with SEP SBE cloud installed.

NOTE: If there is an issue downloading the software, then temporarily disable SEP SBE cloud as the steps above are for when the program is installed. Once completed, make sure to change the policy back to effectively revoke the ability for users to disable antivirus.