Language support updates
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Language support updates


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Symantec Products


We are currently adding language support for Traditional Chinese and Korean in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition cloud (SEP SBE) service. This will be a rolling release with the portal changes already available and the agents updating over the coming weeks. Along with language support the agents will include bug fixes and general improvements.

We have also added language support for Traditional Chinese and Japanese in the Partner Management Console (PMC).


Portal Updates (PMC and SEP SBE cloud management console)

Languages can be changed within each portal by individual users/admins:

  • In the PMC navigate to the Administration tab, click the Language setting and choose the desired language
  • In the SEP SBE cloud management console click on your user login in the top right portion of the console, click on My Profile and choose your language from the language drop down menu


Agent Updates

New workstation agents and installers now include language support for Traditional Chinese and Korean.  The agents will update to the system's OS language upon update.  You may see language mismatches within your agents until all the agent components have fully updated.  To manually update the clients simply remove and add the service from the SEP SBE cloud management portal, run the installer over the top of the existing agent or re-deploy the software via Active Directory Group Policy.  We have also improved Windows Server 2016 support for server installations.

Agent Update Timelines

  • New server and workstation agents are available for fresh installations or client refreshes
  • Automatic updates will be provided to workstations through LiveUpdate in Mid February and will be staged over the following few weeks
  • One Reboot will be necessary
    • Note: Two reboots will be necessary on servers if they are currently on version or lower of the Cloud Agent
  • New redistributable packages will be required, older packages will be depricated