DLP Upgrader stalls when loading the upgrader page, the login window is not presented.
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DLP Upgrader stalls when loading the upgrader page, the login window is not presented.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When upgrading the DLP Enforce system,  the DLP upgrader will launch and the tomcat process will start and load, however the upgrader window  will hang on loading and no login boxes will display.

Note:  This usually indicates there are previous failed upgrade attempts, and the previous upgraders need to be stopped, and then a new upgrader launched.

No Error messages,  the upgrader window will just sit there indefinitely without any login boxes being displayed.


On Windows:   Kill any currently running upgrades through cancellation or killing the tomcat window.

  1.  On windows system on Enforce server go into the task manager, and then details or processes.
  2. Sort all the running processes by user, and kill all of the protect_update processes that are being run.
  3. Go into services,  and start the VontuUpdate service.
  4. Once this service is started,  go ahead and launch your upgrader again and you should now get to the login screen for the upgrader.
  5. https://localhost:8300   enforce upgrader administrator login page should load and be present within 5 minutes.
  6.  To check if the listening port of the upgrader is open run the command:

Netstat –ano | find“8300”and make sure system listening on port 8300 default upgrader port.

On Linux systems:

  1.  On the enforce server run the command:  ps  -ef  | grep  upgra            Note:  This will list the PID's of all the running upgraders,  there may be more than 1.  Kill them all.
  2.  Kill  -9     PID_of_upgrader_process  determined from step 1.
  3. Kill all the running processes,   and then launch the upgrader again as the protect  local user. 
  4. The upgrader should launch,  then go into the  browser and type the https://localhost:8300    and the upgrader login page should now load.
  5. Check the upgrader listening port on linux to make sure the system is listening on this port.
  6. Netstat -tapn | grep 8300  You should see the port open and  the upgrader listening on port 8300.