Endpoint Protection Manager definitions distribution error: "Unexpected server error"
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Endpoint Protection Manager definitions distribution error: "Unexpected server error"


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Endpoint Protection


You notice that the home page in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager SEPM shows that the Windows Definitions are not the latest.
Definitions seems to present in the relevant Inetpub\content\ folders, but there but also some temp folders such as:

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\{07B590B3-9282-482f-BBAA-6D515D385869}\161220008\Full.tmp
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\{07B590B3-9282-482f-BBAA-6D515D385869}\161220008\Full.zip.tmp
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\{535CB6A4-441F-4e8a-A897-804CD859100E}\161220008\Full.tmp
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\{535CB6A4-441F-4e8a-A897-804CD859100E}\161220008\Full.zip.tmp
Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\TempCache (along with its subfolders)

scm-server-0.log :
Unexpected server error. in: com.sygate.scm.server.consolemanager.requesthandler.ConfigServerHandler

<timestamp> [1c2c:1424] INFO(Med)  spcVirDef64 ProductUtil Response code: 0x10010000
<timestamp> [1c2c:1424] ERROR      spcVirDef64 SesmLu Servlet returned unexpected server errorat SesmLu.cpp[1719]
<timestamp> [1c2c:1424] ERROR      spcVirDef64 SesmLu Failed to notify SESM servlet of new LiveUpdate package.at SesmLu.cpp[1502]
<timestamp> [1c2c:1424] INFO(Med)  spcVirDef64 SesmLu Notified server about new LiveUpdate content
<timestamp> [1c2c:1424] ERROR      spcVirDef64 SesmLu Failed to notify servlet of new content.at SesmLu.cpp[1344]

Error processing Incremental Delta results: com.sygate.scm.server.util.ServerException: Unexpected server error.

Error occur when unzipping full.zip, will try another way to unzip it

<timestamp> THREAD 1746 SEVERE: Error generating delta: Invalid source folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\{07B590B3-9282-482f-BBAA-6D515D385869}\161220008\Full
<timestamp> THREAD 1746 SEVERE: DeltaTask Error: Not invoking XDelta, invalid paths provided
WARNING: Incremental delta generation error: -535429120Stdout:


  1. Stop the following services:  All Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Services.
  2. Delete all the content of C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\Inetpub\content\
  3. Restart the following services: All Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Services.