Boot disk creator will not open
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Boot disk creator will not open


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Ghost Solution Suite


The Boot Disk Creator UI will not open, whether it is from the icon, the tools drop down, or simply by double clicking on bootwiz.exe.  When you try one of these methods, nothing appears to happen.  If you look in Task Manager however the bootwiz.exe file appears to be running.

You will not receive an error message for this issue.  If you enable BDC logging and review the logging you won't see anything out of the ordinary.  What you won't see, in the log, though is the UI starting. 


This was reported in GSS 3.1 MP5 however it could occur in any version of GSS.


This issue is caused by a corrupt BDC configuration.


To resolve this issue the quickest thing to do is to go into the Bootwiz folder and then into the Configs folder.  In this folder you will find all of the configurations that you've created.  Delete the entire contents of this folder.  Your Boot Disk Creator will then start.  You will lose all of your existing configurations when you do this.  You will not lose any drivers that have been added for DA or for a NIC.  Once you've cleared this folder your BDC will start again.