Console search (top-right corner) is not working - Search Error occurred while building Search Panel
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Console search (top-right corner) is not working - Search Error occurred while building Search Panel


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IT Management Suite


When entering a search term on the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) console global search box (top right corner) the console indicates a failure, and search does not return any results.

Error occurred while building Search Panel.

Procedure or function spGetCategorizedSearchItems has too many arguments specified.
   [System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException @ .Net SqlClient Data Provider]
   at Altiris.Console.WebControls.SearchPanelHelper.GetSearchResultHtml(String search, String locale)

SQL Exception details: code=8144, procedure=spGetCategorizedSearchItems

Date: 16.01.2017 14:52:58, Tick Count: 60634812 (16:50:34.8120000), Host Name: SMP-Server-Name_replaced, Size: 4,38 KB
Process: w3wp (15456), Thread ID: 904, Module: Altiris.Console.WebControls.dll
Priority: 1, Source: Altiris.Console.WebControls.SearchPanelHelper.GetSearchResultHtml


IT Management Suite (ITMS) 8.0 Hot Fix (HF) 4.


The exact cause is unknown but something caused the stored procedure spGetCategorizedSearchItems to not to be properly updated during the upgrade process.


If you are seeing this error on 8.0 HF4 through HF6, you can run the attached SQL query to update the stored procedure to the correct version. If you are running into this error on any other version, you can use the following steps to update the stored procedure to match the one from a working database. 

  1. From SQL Server Studio Manager, run: sp_helptext  spGetCategorizedSearchItems from a working SMP database.
  2. Copy or move the results from the above query to the non-working server's SQL studio.
  3. Change the word "Create" to: alter
  4. Run the adjusted query to fix the issue.



spGetCategorizedSearchItems.sql get_app