DCS 6.8.1 fails to install with a 1603 error in the logs and you have SEP installed.
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DCS 6.8.1 fails to install with a 1603 error in the logs and you have SEP installed.


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Data Center Security Monitoring Edition Data Center Security Server Advanced


DCS fails to install with a 1603 error right after trying to install just after installing "Protection\Agent\IPS\bin\EFAInst.exe. 
SEP is installed and was damaged by the agent cleanup tool or other circumstance.
InstallShield 15:24:12: CallScriptFunctionFromMsiCA() ends
MSI (s) (A8:DC) [15:24:12:505]: Executing op: 
ption=Registering with SymEFA.,)
Action 15:24:12: efainst_install.C1599C28_9DB3_446E_AC61_80DD180FF696. 
Registering with SymEFA.
MSI (s) (A8:DC) [15:24:12:508]: Executing op: 
:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Critical System 
Protection\Agent\IPS\bin\EFAInst.exe" "SYMEFA-CSP" /install 
MSI (s) (A8:1C) [15:24:12:511]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: 
C:\Windows\Installer\MSID45.tmp, Entrypoint: EFAInstall
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:549]: --> Starting ValidateCurrentProcess...
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:551]: ValidateCurrentProcess (86) - Initializing 
verify trust...
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:552]: ValidateCurrentProcess (103) - Get current 
process info...
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:556]: ValidateCurrentProcess (107) - Check process 
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:557]: ValidateCurrentProcess (127) - Validate 
process path...
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:799]: ValidateCurrentProcess (132) - Verify couldn't 
successfully validate process id: 2716 for 4 signature.  ccVTErrorType = 3
EFAINST_TRACE [15:24:12:800]: <-- ValidateCurrentProcess ended
CustomAction efainst_install.C1599C28_9DB3_446E_AC61_80DD180FF696 returned 
actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation 
happened inside sandbox)


DCS 6.8.1


  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) has tamper protection and is a common cause of this error.
  • Microsoft released an update for Digital Signatures on some OS's and can cause this error.


The below general steps resolve most if not all install issues which result in the MSI Installer 1603 error.

  1. Uninstall SEP from the system and restart.
  2. Install the DCS Agent build (or higher) and restart.
  3. Install SEP and restart if prompted.

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