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Getting "Unknown" check results in Standards Evaluation Details.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Getting "Unknown" check results in Standards Evaluation Details.

Getting "Unknown" check results in Standards Evaluation Details.


Windows & Linux.


A check expression compares a property of an asset against a data value that a user specifies. The result of the comparison is a pass, a fail, or an unknown value.
Following are the known causes for unknown value-
1)The said check is not supported for that platform.
2)It depends on the check logic also whether you have set it to Pass,Fail or Unknown.
3)At times CCS is unable to interpret the output of the evaluation.
4)It has also been noticed that at times it's an issue with out Product Itself wherein the Data Collector is not able to gather the entire information from the Target Agent/Asset.It can be an issue with the Agent Also.
We do release Quick Fixes from time to time for such noted issues.
5)Default Admin Shares are not enabled on the target Machine.
6)Command Time out errors.
7)There may be other reasons as well depending upon the Platform/Environment.


Following are the things which you can check-
1)For IIS related issues make sure that you have installed IIS Management Tools and Scripts on the Target Machine,CCS Manager Data Collector and App Server.
2)Note-You can view the evidence details for a check that has failed as well as the check that has passed, an error, or an unknown outcome.
Right click on the said check and select Show Detailed Evidence.
2)Check for the possible causes and proceed accordingly.If needed dig down/analyze the CCS Manager(Data Collector) Logs/CCS Agent Verbose Logs.As well as the check Logic/Expression.