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DC970078 Subtask for Program: CADSRF00 Successfully Terminated


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


You've issued a STOPCADS command and have observed a "DC970078 Subtask for Program: CADSRF00 Successfully Terminated" message in the CA Dispatch logs during shutdown. 

Do we need to be concerned with this message?


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


The CADSRF00 program is used for a variety of things but primarily controls functions on the RIDF screen. There are any number of reasons why the program might have been active at the time you issued your STOPCADS command. 


The fact that you saw this message during one particular shutdown is nothing to be alarmed about. It is in no way indicative of there being any kind of a problem. It's really just an informational message letting you know that the shutdown process did what it was supposed to do so that upon restarting Dispatch, it starts gracefully and successfully.