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Which version of java does DLP use in specific ?


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Sometimes the customer may be confused with the version of java  DLP uses in specific when he sees it from the control panel point of view 


DLP versions :- 11.x , 12.x , 14.x


We need to explain to them as follows :-

Part 1 :- The Java Software package shown below  in control panel is related to the operating system in specific and has no relation with DLP.

Part 2:- We use our own customized  java which is in C:\SymantecDLP\jre\bin directory.


Part 3:- Proof Check :-

Another way to prove that our customized Java Environment is running is via Process Explorer  by hovering your mouse over our service.  I have highlighted our environment which is running as a PROOF which can be shown to the customer