VIP Manager Administrator instructions of forgot password
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VIP Manager Administrator instructions of forgot password


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VIP Service


- Unable to log in to VIP Manager (
- Forgot password to VIP Manager
- Locked out of VIP Manager
- Unknown VIP Enterprise Gateway username or password


VIP Manager



VIP Administrator Situation VIP Test Account VIP Production account
First-time VIP Manager access  Contact the account VIP Administrator or a VIP Administrator with create admin permissions. 
Forgot VIP Manager password Click the Forgot your password? link on the VIP Manager login page. (not available when accessing through VIP EG IdP or another SSO IdP)
Request VIP Manager access
Lost VIP Manager access
Email address or username no longer valid
VIP Manager Account locked
Contact your Broadcom/Symantec Account rep Contact your main VIP administrator or another VIP Administrator within your organization for assistance. In the event there are no other valid VIP Administrators, please follow these steps to update contact information
VIP Administrator Token lost\unavailable\changed Start here: How to reset or change the credential ID for a VIP Administrator. Other VIP Administrators within your organization with modify permissions can help. If none, open a support case and request the removal of your token. You will be prompted to add a new token ID during the next login.
VIP Administrator Token locked Only VIP support can unlock an administrator token through a support case. Or, another VIP Administrator can remove the locked token and add a different token ID. A new ID is generated when the VIP app is uninstalled\reinstalled.  
No VIP Administrators within the organization. 
►Update VIP Administrator contact information

Update or change contact for a Symantec VIP Manager account
Check with existing VIP helpdesk admins if they have permission to modify VIP Administrators.

►Enterprise Gateway console unknown password How to add, delete or reset the VIP Enterprise Gateway console username and password.