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Deleting a scanner from the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) 2.x Manager


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There is a need to remove a scanner from the list of appliances within the user interface of Advanced Threat Protection


In ATP versions 2.0 - 2.2 it is not possible to remove obsolete scanners directly from the GUI, once scanner is powered down it will change the state to "Disabled" and continue to appear in the scanner list.

The ability to remove a scanner from the ATP Manager web interface is available in ATP 2.3 and later. To delete a network scanner, follow these steps:

  1. In ATP Manager, select Settings > Appliances.
  2. From the Appliances list, click the Shutdown Appliance icon for the scanner you want to delete.

Wait a few minutes to ensure that the appliance is completely shut down.

  1. Click the Delete Appliance icon for the scanner that you want to delete.

Note: The Delete Appliance icon only appears for appliances that have the role of Scanner and are also upgraded to ATP 2.3. Scanners still on ATP 2.2 cannot be deleted this way.

  1. On the Warning dialog box, click OK.

For further details, please review page 55 on the Advanced Threat Protection 2.3 Administration Guide here: