Single Tier Detection Server showing as 'Unknown'
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Single Tier Detection Server showing as 'Unknown'


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Data Loss Prevention Cloud Prevent for Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Enforce


As a customer, you may have recently deployed DLP and is attempting to create a Single-tier Detection Server using localhost, however, it is showing up as 'Unknown'.

Detection Server showing as 'Unknown'.


This can be caused by not installing the DLP Enforce Server as a Single-tier solution. This can be verified by logging into the Enforce Console and checking for the service "SymantecDLPMonitor".

*Note: This is not to be confused with the SymantecDLPMonitorController service. If the SymantecDLPMonitor service is present confirm it is in a 'Running' state.


If the Enforce Server solution was not installed as a Single-tier Monitor it must then be uninstalled and reinstalled as a Single-tier Monitor. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Enforce Console
  2. Navigate to System > Servers and Detectors > Overview
  3. Click Add Server, from the drop-down, select Software Server
    1. Select the Single Tier Server radio button, and click Next >
  4. Enter the hostname in the Name text box
    1. Use the Packet Capture, SMTP Copy Rule, Discover, ICAP, Inline SMTP, and Agent tabs to specify which channels are being monitored
    2. Click Save to finish the setup
  5. Verify the Single Tier Monitor is in a Running state