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Endpoint Prevent agent version and last update time are not up-to-date after an agent upgrade or a reinstall of the agent software.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


  1. Endpoint agent has been upgraded or the endpoint agent has been re-installed with an agent package.
  2. This issue has been observed after a successful rollout of the Endpoint Prevent agent.
  3. Many agents are  showing as having a previous version installed even after the new install or upgrade of the agent has been successful and the agent should be showing the newly installed or upgraded agent version.


  1. Update the following configuration file on all Endpoint Prevent Servers.
    Path: SymantecDLP\Protect\config\
    Setting and value: MaxQueueSize = 100000
  2. Restart VontuMonitor service on each Endpoint Prevent Server.
  3. Update the Agent Configuration description field.
    • By changing the description field, the Agent Configuration will be saved under a new version.
  4. Apply the Agent Configuration.
    • This step forces agents to take in the new agent configuration version, on their next check-in cycle, and provide their agent information to the Endpoint Prevent Server.