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Unable to create dmg image for temporary volume


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Deployment Solution


Unable to create dmg image for MAC Netboot on 10.12 for temporary volume.

However, after using system image utility, when updating image the netboot image does not function and clients shutdown when trying to boot, if image not updated the netboot image works and clients can boot.

From within MAC - System.log :

[Altiriss-Mac:~ root# sudo hdiutil create -uid '/usr/bin/id -u' -size 1m -fs HFS+ -volume TempMOCUVolume /Volumes/TempMOCUVolume_Dummy.dmg  

hdiutil: convert failed - Permission denied

Refer the below screenshot:



MAC 10.12 (Sierra)

DS 8.0


There are some known issues with TempVolume.


Following is a workaround which can be attempted by booting from automation folder and then recapturing the image from production(required volume)

1) Create Automation partition by rolling out automation folder policy - Agents/Plugins > All Agents and PLugins > Deployment & Migration

2) Once this is complete boot to newly created automation partition it will be named as "DSAutomation" and then install MOCUApp in "DSAutomation"

3) From here create netboot image of required volume - 10.12 Sierra.