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Configuring the Milter protocol for connecting Postfix and Messaging Gateway for Service Providers(SMG-SP)


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers


If you use Postfix, configure the Milter API so that MTA can request scan to SMG-SP.


SMG-SP supports Postfix 2.6 or later. To integrate SMG-SP to a Postfix installation, modify the Postfix configuration file. The Postfix configuration file should specify the following information about the Milter protocol:

  • The name of the Milter application's listening socket
  • The Milter protocol version that Postfix should use

For more information about the Milter protocol, on the Internet, go to the following article:
SMTP-Only Milter applications

To configure the Milter protocol for Postfix

1. Open the following file in a text editor application:

/etc/postfix/ file

2. Add the following lines:

smtpd_milters = inet:<ip address>:<port>
milter_protocol = 2

<where ip address> is the IP address is the host where the Scanner is installed and <port> is the valid port. The default port is 41001.

3. Save and close the file.