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Custom Filter fails to send on Automation Notification for Cloned out-of-box report


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Cloned an out-of-box report; modifed the target Filter Collection in the Parameters and found that the Automation Notification Email sends the data with the default target Filter Collection Windows Computers with Software Update Plug-in Installed and need to have the custom Filter Collection only listed.

Worked through the following to update the default Filter Collection on a cloned out-of-box report to send Automation Notification Emails with that specific Filter Collection data:

  1. Copied the custom FilterCollection Guid from the Console > Manage > Filters:
    • Highlighted the custom Filter Name > Right-click > Properties
    • Copied the Guid: from the bottom of the General tab:
  2. Clicked Edit in the upper right of the Cloned Report:
    • Selected the FilterCollection > Edit (pencil) Icon on the Query Parameters:​​
    •  Input the FilterCollection Guid from step #1 above into the Default Value and clicked OK:
    • Opened the Query Parameters > FilterCollection > Edit (pencil) Icon:
    • Input the same FilterCollection Guid from Step #1 above and clicked OK:

Rendered report to display the updated FilterCollection from the process above and found there wasn't a Filtered By: under Parameters section as it was replaced by the following:


ITMS 8.0 HF4


The process detailed above should resolve the issue; however, it appears to be a bug in the customization process for Patch Management Solution Compliance Reports.


This issue is currently being reviewed by Symantec Corp.

Workaround process as follows:

  1. Copy the custom FilterCollection Guid from the Console > Manage > Filters:
    • Highlight the custom Filter Name > Right-click > Properties
    • Copy the Guid: from the bottom of the General tab:
  2. Click Edit in the upper right of the Cloned Report:
    • Open the Parameterized Query tab
    • Modify the @FilterCollection to display only the FilterCollection Guid from step #1 above with single quotes and Save Changes as follows:

Advisory: The cloned report will still render with the displayed Filtered By: but the Automation Policy's Notification Email will be sent with only the rendered data from the implemented FilterCollection Guid as outlined above.