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IT Analytic Cubes and reports show Unknown column


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IT Analytics


When viewing Cubes and reports columns show as Unknown value.

No error.


IT Analytics 7.6
SQL server 2012
Windows server 2012R2


Analysis service will assign Unknown columns when it's unable to match a dimension member.


Once cubes process once they go into an Update state.
If a column returns as Unknown once it will stay Unknown when processing as Update. To resolve you can manually process the dimensions as Process FULL.

  1. Log into sql management studio and connect with the Analysis service and Expand the database folder / IT Analytics / Cubes.
  2. Right-click the patch cube and choose process
  3. Right-click in the Object list window and choose Add Related Dimensions
  4. By default all of the dimensions should be highlighted if not highlight them all and right-click, choose Process Full. This will set the cubes to overwrite all derived data held once you select ok the cube will process, this can take a few hours in large environments.