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When a computer is retired software inventory is not purged when Inventory clean-up is run


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Inventory Solution


When a computer is retired, to free up the license an inventory clean-up is run that purges inventory data from the computer's record. This purge does not include software data, specifically for the data classes:

  • Inv_InstalledSoftware
  • Inv_AddRemoveProgram


ITMS 7.6, 8.x


Software Inventory is collected by the Software Management Framework and is not "managed" by Inventory. Because of this the data does not affect license consumption, and was not included in the inventory clean-up.


This is working as designed.
However there have been a lot of requests for this functionality. As such the attached stored procedure is provided "As is" for those who want the inventory clean up to also purge the software inventory data classes for the retired computers.

To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Copy the contents of the SQL script into a query window within SQL Enterprise Manager.
  2. Set the database context for the query to the Symantec_CMDB (or other custom name for the database).
  3. Execute the query. This will modify the stored procedure to include the two data classes mentioned in the Situation field.


sp_Inv_InventoryCleanUp.sql get_app