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SDCS Management Service does not start after Hotfix 6 is applied


Article ID: 164054


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


After running the executable to apply Symantec Data Center Security Server 6.5 MP1 hotfix 6 everything completed but the service will not start after the reboot.


Hotfix 6 uses a different version of tomcat and needs to have the windows service use the new tomcat files


setup-sdcs.bat needs to be run to set the service to use the correct files.

  1. Open an administrator command prompt
  2. cd to C:\%Management Server Install Path%\Server\tomcat\bin
  3. type setup-sdcs.bat and press enter
  4. The script will run on it's own and once it completes will start the service.
  5. Verify the service is running and login to the console to verify configurations

*Note these steps are only for when you have recently applied 6.5MP1 HotFix 6*