Unable to transfer a VIP credential ID from one device to another
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Unable to transfer a VIP credential ID from one device to another


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VIP Service


When VIP Access for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS is installed onto a new device or uninstalled and then reinstalled onto the same device, a new credential ID is automatically generated. As a result, the new credential ID generates a security code that is invalid during a login attempt if the old credential ID is still associated with that user. 


A VIP Access credential ID protects accounts and identities by providing a one-time password (OTP) during user logins within an organization. Each credential ID is associated with a particular user and is used when accessing protected resources and online transactions. To protect the identity of the user assigned to a credential, the VIP Access app prevents a credential ID from being copied or transferred from one device or app to another. This includes restoring a full device backup from one device to another. 

If the VIP Access app is installed onto a new device, or the app was uninstalled and reinstalled, reach out to the vendor or organization of the resource being accessed to remove the old credential and register the new credential to the user. If available, users can perform this action through their organization's VIP Self-Service or My VIP portal. A user can resume 2-factor authentications only after registering the Credential ID.

For additional information, please see VIP Access token, mobile or desktop credential Q&A help

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