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Microsoft Updates KB3127951, KB3203463 are missing from Symantec Patch Management catalogue.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Reviewed KB3127951 and KB3203463 Office 2010 Security Update on Microsoft Support: Confirmed download source is public and targets wwlibcxm.dll as outlined in the corresponding articles.


Patch Management 7.5.x, 7.6.x & 8.x.x


Each or the KBs contains two updates available for download, for example, KB3127951

Because of these two file names; Microsoft does not explicitly state what they are scanning for IsApplicable=TRUE, so Patch Management has no way of being able to detect if the Software Update is necessary. 

Additionally, under the Update FAQ for MS16-133
Q: I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed. Why am I not being offered the 3127951 update? 
A: The 3127951 update only applies to systems running specific configurations of Microsoft Office 2010. Some configurations will not be offered the update.


Working as designed, for the update is unable to be targeted per the IsApplicable=TRUE rule logic withheld from the Vendor.

Workaround: MS16-133-KB3127951 will need to be deployed in a separate Software Management Job or Task Job. Same for KB3203463.