Will any new enhancements be done for CA DADS Plus for CICS?
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Will any new enhancements be done for CA DADS Plus for CICS?


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Will any enhancements be done in a future release of CA DADS Plus for CICS?

For the second year in a row we have had an outage because the timestamps of deallocation/allocation requests being out of order because the time change happens between the two processes. In this case they were in a single job, however, they could easily have been in separate jobs. Is there any chance that CA DADS  Plus for CICS can be changed to use GMT or UTC time? I have read the suggested batch interface procedure and with thousands of batch jobs, over200 CICS production regions, and about 125 DADSBIF files it is just not very feasible to manually go thru the process.




Unfortunately  DADS Plus has been functionally stabilized since September 21, 2012 so no new enhancements or development cycles will be done for the product.  
Here is the link to the  CA DADS Plus for CICS stabilization letter on the CA web site.

CA is committed to providing support for CA DADS Plus for CICS r4.0 as new versions of z/OS and CICS/TS are released. There will be no further product versions, features or functionality introduced, and support for any new features of CICS TS will not be provided going forward.

At this time CA  continues to certify CA DADS Plus for CICS r4.0  For new releases of CICS and z/OS, and will create fixes as required to support existing product features and functions.  Maintenance for this product will continue in accordance with your active maintenance contract.