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Linux upgrade from 14 to 14.5.x or higher fails on prechecks


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


You have upgraded from 12.x to bld 14  successfully, now going from 14 to 14.5 the upgrader is stuck on prechecks  and no error messages.


RHEL Linux  6.x  or 7.x  systems.  DLP 14 to 14.5.x


During the upgrade or install of the DLP 14.0  system on linux  the protect local user  .bash_profile has become corrupted.


  1. If the upgrader is hung,  go ahead and cancel the upgrade.
  2. Putty or terminal into the enforce linux system and  sudo to the local DLP user, typically protect.     su - protect
  3. Go into home directory  /home/protect      and look at the .bash_profile
    Note:  the ORACLE_HOME  needs to be set correctly.  ORACLE_HOME=/opt/oracle/product/  is incorrect,  This must be set to the correct ORACLE_HOME.
  4. Once ORACLE_HOME is set correctly  and saved,  then proceed to launch the upgrader again and it should progress past the  PreCheck  steps and go into the upgrade.