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Lenovo laptop fails to boot with blinking cursor (non-NVMe)


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Drive Encryption


Lenovo laptop boots to a blinking cursor screen after authenticating into UEFI Bootguard, BIOS Bootguard, or both in a single boot attempt after Whole Disk Encryption has begun or finished.


Blank black screen with blinking cursor after successfully authenticating through Bootguard.


Observed models:

Lenovo p310 - 1TB 7200 RPM HDD


A BIOS/UEFI setting in Lenovo laptops is detecting a bootguard authentication failure and attempting to boot using the alternate boot mode, either UEFI > BIOS, or BIOS > UEFI. This confuses the Windows MBR and boots to a black blinking cursor screen. The bios setting in question is below (Boot Mode), and needs to be changed from AUTO to either BIOS Only or UEFI Only, depending on your proper boot method.