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Small modification to XCOMSEC is necessary to prevent storage leak after applying RO97924


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After applying fix RO97924, which addresses a storage leak in subpool 25, will small change will be required to be made to a customized XCOMSEC so that the equivalent storage leak fix is present in the sample-based code?


XCOM r12


Yes, in routine B000RMSG in your customized XCOMSEC module, which extracts and writes messages returned from the security product, you need to modify the "STORAGE RELEASE" macro call to add a "SP=25" parameter. 

The resultant STORAGE RELEASE in B000RMSG should end up looking like this: 


LENGTH=(2),               + 

ADDR=(1),                  + 

SP=25,                        + 


The SP=25 is only relevant to this one STORAGE RELEASE call. The other storage does not need this parameter, as only the messages returned by the security product are placed in storage subpool 25.



Additional Information

Also please note that PTF RO97924 will replace XCOMSEC in the CBXGLOAD LOAD library. You will need to regen your modified sample again, unless you have placed it in a separate non-SMP/E controlled LOAD library.