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IT Analytics cube error


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IT Analytics


Processing cubes cause error.
Cubes fail to process.

Cube processing error, Possible causes include insufficient permissions to read Cubes Data Sources,
External connection timeout on the Analysis Server or remote connections timeout on SQL databases.
Error: Errors in the back-end-database access module.
The provider 'SQLNCLI10' is not registered.
The following system error occurred: Class not registered Errors in the high-level-relational engine.
A connection could not be made to the data source with the DataSourceID of 'ITAnalytics'


Windows server 2012R2 DataCenter
SQL 2014


IT Analytics creates a datasource during the Analysis database creation and sets the provider used to SQLNCLI10.
SQL2012 and greater use SQLNCLI11


  1. Log into the SQL server hosting Analysis service.
  2. Using sql management studio connect with Analysis service.
  3. Navigate to the Datasource with the ID shown in the error message, 'ITAnalytics' by default.
  4. Right-click and choose properties, Under the general section open the Connection String options.
  5. From the Provider drop-down select a supported provider like SQL Server Native Client 11.0.
  6. Leave log on to the server option as windows if selected or input the SQL server authentication password if required.
  7. Input the SQL server name hosting the relational database under Connect to a database, by default either IT Analytics or Symantec_CMDB.
  8. Connect to drop-down menu select the relational database by default either IT Analytics or Symantec_CMDB.
  9. Test connection and choose OK.