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Can the .NET Trust Level be set to Medium NOT Full on a Site Server


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Endpoint Encryption


In IIS you can set the .NET Trust level, by default it is set to FULL. We have a requirement that it should be set to either Medium or None. Currently our .NET Trust Level in IIS is set to Full on the Default Web Site on our Site Server. We are wondering if you know if we can set the .NET Trust Level to Medium on the Site Server


Setting this to medium would cause problems with SMP's ability to get most things done.  A setting of Medium means the ASP.NET application cannot do any of the following things by default:

  • Access files outside the application directory.  { The platform is made up of many solutions not nested in the same directory. It also accesses Windows system files etc }
  • Access the registry. { SMP spends a lot of time in the registry reading and writing in fact 90% of all core settings are set and changed in the registry }
  • Make network or Web service calls.  { This must be defined more, but SMP is a network based platform. It makes service calls for authentication, permissions and many more things, so this would be a problem too }