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IT Analytics: “Create KPI from selected cell” option does not work in remote Cube Browser consoles


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IT Analytics


In case of IIS default error handling pages, the blank error pops up in Cube browser on top of New KPI wizard once selecting “Create KPI from selected cell” option.

If enable detailed error messages for remote consoles you will see following error:

Issue is actual for members of any Security Role. The only unaffected account is Altiris Service Account.

Error returned by IIS is Error 500: "">{"ITAServerFault":true,"Issue":"","Message":"Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: s","InnerMessage":""}


IT Analytics 7.6


Missing "Full Control" permission for respective roles in SQL Analysis Server


Issue is known to the IT Analytics Engineering team and will be fixed in one of the next versions.

It is an issue where the security not pushing the correct settings to the Analysis Server. In order to create a KPI, the user must be in a role the has the “Full Control” attribute selected on the role Properties page. Creating a KPI modifies the cube, so no other permission allows this. This will require a code change to resolve.

For now there is a workaround, e.g for any Role (including Symantec Administrators) that needs KPI creation option, you can manually set the "Full Control" flag in the roles Properties dialog boxes in Analysis Server and the roles will be permitted to create KPIs.