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Unable to uncheck Software Portal Setting "publish software across all domains"


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Software Management Solution


When attempting to uncheck the box, located at Settings > All Settings > Software > Software Portal Settings > Software Portal Settings, called "publish software across all domains" you receive and error that you are unable to do so because a piece of software is being published to a domain that is outside the NS's domain.

Publishing software across all domains can significanlty increase load times of the portal resulting in 2 errors:

"HTTP request failed" and "/Altiris/SoftwarePortal/UserPortal/Home.aspx. Request Timed Out."

In addition to load times causing portal time outs when you attempt to uncheck the box to publish software across all domains you also recieve a message that one or more softwares have been published outside the domain of the NS. As a result you are unable to uncheck the box to resolve the load times.


SMP 8.0 HF2


  1. Right-click on the Software Portal Settings node in the left-hand tree and choose Export. Save locally.
  2. Open in Notepad++ or similar editor.
  3. Find the line and change the value in the tags, as shown:
  4. Save the changes.
  5. Right-click on the Software Portal Settings FOLDER and choose import.
  6. Browse to the edited XML and let it import.

This will change the value so it is no longer checked.

IMPORTANT: After importing the XML do not click "save" at the bottom of the "Software Portal Settings" page.