Exception has occurred in File SMPPackage.cpp. Cannot find web/unc path during a create image task
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Exception has occurred in File SMPPackage.cpp. Cannot find web/unc path during a create image task


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Deployment Solution


When a customer attempts to create an image on a package server they receive an error in  'dstasks.log' and 'dspslog.txt' stating that the web/unc path cannot be found.  Imaging will not proceed past this point.

GetWebSharePath : After fetching FQDN - http://server04.example.local:80
IISVersion is : 7.5
Inside GetVirtualPath method for IIS 7
GetVirtualPath : Fetching virtual directory path only under /Altiris/PS/Share folder for IIS 7
Error fetching input folder Guid   at Microsoft.Web.Administration.Interop.AppHostWritableAdminManager.GetAdminSection(String bstrSectionName, String bstrSectionPath)

   at Microsoft.Web.Administration.Configuration.GetSectionInternal(ConfigurationSection section, String sectionPath, String locationPath)

   at Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager.get_Sites()

   at Altiris.Deployment.PSComponent.Services.DSPSPackageInfo.GetVirtualPath(String optimalSharePath, String websharePath)

   at Altiris.Deployment.PSComponent.Services.DSPSPackageInfo.GetWebSharePath(String optimalSharePath, Boolean isNSLoc, String responseGuid)

   at Altiris.Deployment.PSComponent.Services.DSPSPackageInfo.InitializeComponent()]]></error>
[2016/11/09 15:30:49.936 1664:1144 2] Function Name is util::CSMPPackage::Initialiaze(),file name is SMPPackage.cpp and Line no 161.  Can not find out web/unc path.
[2016/11/09 15:30:49.936 1664:1144 0] File:ExecuteCommand.cpp,Line:4397 ERROR: The Exception have occured in Client Imaging Task.

Exception has occured in function SMPPackage.cpp() at Line No 162. Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is Can not find out web/unc path.. Error Description is  "util::CSMPPackage::Initialiaze". Value of Windows error code = 6 and message is " The handle is invalid."


DS 7.6/8.0 All hotfixes


The error is caused because the App ID from the Notification Server that is being used to get a list of the virtual path is not a member of the local administrator group on the package server


There are two solutions that depend on your security structure:

1) Using the AppID

       a) Add the AppID from the NS to the local administrators account on the package server


2) Using another admin account on the package server

       a) Create an admin user on the package server

       b) Join the user to the local administrators group.

       c)  Open IIS under Default Web Site click on 'DSPS'.

       d)  In the 'Features view' double click on 'authentication'

       e)  Click on 'ASP.NET Impersonation' and click on the 'edit' action on the far right side of IIS

       f)   Select the 'specific user' radio button and enter the user created in step a.

       g)  Reset IIS.