Windows Boot Manager error 0xc000000e booting to the Ghost Solution Suite automation folders.
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Windows Boot Manager error 0xc000000e booting to the Ghost Solution Suite automation folders.


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Ghost Solution Suite


Windows Boot Manager error 0xc000000e on Windows 7 64bit UEFI systems when trying to boot to automation folders

While booting to automation folders on a Windows 7 64bit EFI client the following error will be seen if a version of Windows PE 3.1 or later is used. 

Windows failed to start.  A recent hardware or software change might be the cause...........................................
Info: An unexpected error has occurred.


UEFI Windows 7 64bit systems with automation folders installed using a version of Windows PE later than  3.1


When installing an automations folder on an EFI loaded system there is a need for the Windows PE boot files to update the Windows client EFI boot files.   Windows 7 is not compatible with versions of these files that are provided by Windows PE 4,5 and 10.    


There are a few options that can still allow a UEFI loaded Windows 7 64bit system to be managed by Ghost Solution Suite.  

  •  As a workaround, if the same system is configured for BIOS or legacy.  Once the OS is reloaded the automation folder can be redeployed and won't rely on the non-compatible EFI boot files. 
  • A Windows 7 64bit UEFI system could be booted to PXE or to removable media to get into automation to perform any tasks that require automation. 
  • A 64 bit Win PE 3.1 based automation folder could be used.  Because Win PE 3.1 is based on the Windows 7 OS the EFI boot files will be compatible with the client OS. 

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